Nowhere To Hide

The law is written on stars and stripes
Slowly it becomes a world order
Like a snake around it's vicitim
The leader pushed us all in a disaster
It's like a maniac in one mans head
Like drugs for a fixxer
He doesn't attend to his neighbours, his borthers, his sisters

Nowhere to hide
Nowhere to run
I hear a man's laughter, he thinks he is the one
The giant says, you've got no choice
You're nobody, I won't hear your voice

It's for peace, for human rights
Drop bombs, maybe on a child
Get black for red, get a rich man
Don't look behind, it doesn't matter
But when don't go with me, listen to me my friend:
"Do as I say not as I do!!!"



Is this really fair?
If one doesn't care!!!



At first it was a good time, than it became bad
At first you made me happy, in the end I was sad
So why did you grip when I said the truth to you
I'm not a fuckin' fool

You inspired me
I haven't to say thank you - out of my way
You inspired me
Oh this song is for you
And there is nothing more to say

Friends, very good friends - you said that we are
But when I see my account it's gone far
Nothing like bubbles, the words you said
open your ears and listen to me


The Hunter

A man walks through the saloon door
Smoke and sweat creeping on the floor
A chandelier shinig low
Dancing girls at the piano show
He keeps a lookout, he keeps a lookout
In the corner, the chosen one
The spears sing a rhythm song
A whisper in the silent crowd
A deadly grasp on a dirty scarf
He got him now, he got him now

He pulls him out on the street
Out in the highnoon soon
He pulls the trigger of his peacemaker gun
The other one goes slowly to the ground
The hunter, he won.

The marshall is an unfair man
He will not pay, that's very insane
Our hero gets a nervous finger
He's searching slowly for the trigger
He is so morose, he is so morose

The marshall feels quite positive
But it makes the situation negative
He turns his back upon the bounty hunter
A big mistake, it doesn't wonder
They getting closer, they getting closer

The bullets flying on their way to the other one
No chance for a escape, for a counter move
The marshall goes slowly the ground
The hunter, he won

Ten years later, he's out of order
Blind, old, time gets shorter
A last kiss to his peacemaker
The job is done, the duty over
Oh yeah he's rotting, oh yeah he's rotting

The undertaker and the casket in the highnoon sun
It is the time, where the hunter his fights won
He moves six feet under the dusty ground
The hunter is gone

Into The Zone

Endless extended, the mighty desert
Mercilees burns the sun the ground
Bright shining riffs rises up from the sand
The rest of an ocean, of a civilisation
But it's not the end, of the human life
'cause in the distance, something moving
A caravan that walks into

Into the zone
We walk

In the front of that neglected train
On a tall and armored animal
Rides a mysterious SiFi beduine
Clothed in scarfs and equipment for the field
He leads us 10000 miles through the hell
To a city, we never saw
And he said: Welcome...

Into the zone
We walk

The Moon Still Follows You

Voices in my head, voices in my mind
An endless battle in brain, in my brain begins
Eyes turn in to red, hairs in my neck
Do you hear my scream
Do you hear my scream

Moon and his light calling in the night
I'm searching a hole in ground to hide
Don't wanna hurt, but I smell the blood
A hunt in the snow white forest
In the snow white forest

My heart, my blood, my body is burning
I get a devil breath
My head, my pain, my blood in my vein
I die a slowly death
You can run, but look behind you
The moon still follows you

Trip To The Otherside

Crawling on the floor, there's no illusion
Tears of blood dabble like time
All goes down, the breath is getting lower
Waiting for the light but there's no shine
No shine

Something went wrong and no solution
No slolution in my sight
End your life, your love, your laughter
There's no reason left to fight

Trip to the otherside
So far away
Drift into the otherside
So far away
Slide in my deep inside
So far away
Look behind the otherside
So far away

That way is wrong, take the bible and hold on
Voices take me back, hold on (hold on)
Screaming louder, 'till my souls attack
It takes me back to the real fucking track


Revive my mind, clear up my veins
My tears to drown my heart
I'm here, not far, no not apart
Oh my body is left insane



Thousand words can´t tell it better
Can´t tell what I feel for you
Yesterday you were so far away
And now I see your lovely face everywhere
At the last time I saw your eyes
And I had to die deep inside of me
The dream in my my mind hold me fast
And arrows of despair riddle my heart

I know he belongs to you
But this picture can´t be true


Why can´t you see what I see
Why can´t your heart hear what you feel

I can´t think about you anymore
I have to cut off or I lose myself
Although I have one lonely wish
To hold you, to feel you, to kiss you

I wanna break the chains
The painfull chains around my heart


Thousand words told it me better
Told me what I, what I felt for you
Yesterday you were so away
And then I saw your lovely face everywhere

Maybe I´ll become a fool
Or once a day my dreams come true


Sad Eyes

Hey girl why you're so sad
The guy wasn't worth to last
Your soul lost all the colors
Don't start to cry like all the others
Don't take your faith away
You'll find your dream another day
Live is tearing you up and down
And there is no way without

You can find a new hope 


For the clash of daze and hope
There's a guiding hand on too
And that's the passion of fire
And that passion's in you

There's a reason into fight
Behind the border lies the truth
And that's the passion of fire
And that passion's in you

I don't wanna hear your lies again
No no no this time is over, I don't look back
Who will stand up, I will find my way
Nothing can hurt me - can hurt me again

I can find a new hope


Angel 92

I lose the ground
Your eyes pull me down
I hope you catch me

Words rain speakless
And my heart lose the ground


Oh Angel 92, spread your wings and take me with you
Oh Angel 92, oh please take me away


Away, oh angel take me with you - far away

When I woke up the dream was reality
Hear no calling from you
I wait but thephone keeps silence

Do you feel like me?
I send waves of yearning.
Are you on stand by



Helping Hand

Real time - throw me back, a cutback follows
Brain is zooming - the focus to the tender point
At a time - where the eyes of feelings ...
ruled everywhere, where it should be

Feelings of hate, heaven and hell
Cold burning heart, the white in the eyes becoming red
Closed Windows, ejector seat
Running train, contraring wind
Firing fingers, persude, foot prints

Feelings of hate, heaven and hell
Cold burning heart, the white in the eyes becoming red red red
Closed Windows, ejector seat
Running train, contraring wind
Fireing fingers, persude
Foot prints - which follows


Where is now the helping hand - close slowly the shade
Where is now the consoling word - a mask on my face
Where is now the healing plaster - take off my rotten time
Where is now the warming hug - pull on me but not on my life